Friday, 20 January 2017

How to Actually Set Up & Make Use Of Wifi Ezcast Dongle?

When I shopped Ezcasr dongle online, I acquired the wireless HDMI dongle alongside a 2-in-1 wifi USB cable and not to say a user-manual guide.

Honestly, the manual was not written so well and I have to research through Google to use it properly. So, in this article I have decided to articulate, how to actually set up & make use of wifi EZCast dongle. So, let’s check out:

All you have to employ the data card is a Television with HDMI port that’ll cater as external display for your PC, tablet or phone. You can even use monitor or projector with HDMI input. I believe your tablet or phone is WiFi-enabled. Next you have to download the Ezcast dongle app for your Ipad, android, or window PC.

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After installation of the application on your gadget, plug in the data-card to your television through the HDMI port. Link the 2-in-1 WIFI USB cable to a USB power supply. This mechanically power ON the data-card. If not, “no signal” will be displayed on the television screen. Please ensure your USB power can supply more than 500mA.

As soon as it is powered on successfully, you will notice the EZCast main menu pops out & receive the welcome tune. Your EZcast SSID & password will be screened over the monitor as well.

Then activate the wifi over your gadget, look for accessible networks & link to the EZcast SSID in the accessible WiFI networks listing. Launch the EZCast application on your iphone, ipad, android or window PC. The EZCast application mechanically spots if the link to EZCast data card is appropriate and otherwise, the sign of disconnection will pop up. If it recognizes the connection, select it and put in the password displayed on the top of your TV monitor.

As soon as connection established successfully EZCast function activates and you can notice many handy features displayed on your gadget.

The photo function replicates your images in your gadget wirelessly to the monitor. Same applies to other functions when connected to Android gadget.

If you wish to see the videos and music on your iPad, I suggest you employ the Airplay mirroring feature through the Control center of your device rather than employing the EZCast music & video function. Those functions will require you to use iTunes to upload your files to the app folder.

Hope you find this article helpful and help you in a smooth operation of your EZCast dongle.

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