Friday, 20 January 2017

EZ cast Dongle Comes With Many Advanced Features

Dongles arrived on the technology scene along with the earliest software for personal computers. The devices were originally called hardware keys but later came to be known as "dongles.

In 1980, the first modern version of the dongle emerged out of the U.K. It was developed by Dataview Ltd., a company that introduced Wordcraft, an early word processors for home computers. The company's dongle enabled access to the word processing application.

Dongles have progressed considerably from their early modest beginnings. Initially they were plain hardware keys with serial- or parallel-port interfaces. The dongle swiftly advanced into a more stout gadget and included a serialized transceiver & microprocessor that interacted with the host. Later, the USB interface became the most typical style of dongle.

Ezcast Miracast Dongle Wifi Streaming Multimedia to TV Wireless Sharing Display
The most commonly-found dongles today are hardware keys with a USB interface that plug into a USB port. Dongles can be employed to extend the functionality of a computer, by, for instance, adding a Bluetooth transmitter for connection to a keyboard, mouse, or mobile phone. The intention of most advanced dongles like EZ cast Dongle is to stop unlawful copying of application software. The devoted security device contains dynamic encryption to make sure optimum protection from hacking. Today's state-of-the-art dongles, for example, Wifi EZcast Dongle are robust enough to ensure that no universal crack for a protected software program is possible.

Let’s find out some of the key features of the latest wifi EZ cast dongles:

• Built-in Wi-Fi 150M 802.11n high-gain antenna, high sensitivity
• Support multi-threading, push the media does not affect other functions operate mobile phone.
• Support 720/1080p output
• Share media does not take charge flows of the phone, and take the phone into the remote
• Support DLNA, Airplay, Mircast interconnection agreement

If you are in the market for an Android TV dongle, then you will no doubt need a remote control to interact with your now-smart TV. Many a dongle has an app for Android smartphones and tablets. All you need to do is install the right app and presto, your nifty little tablet or smartphone is now a TV remote! The virtual keyboard of the phone also makes inputting text a lot easier, which solves another major headache. You can even install apps that let a TV streaming dongle send video to your Android device.

The downside to using these devices, however, is that you will often need wireless Internet access for the setup to work. You also need to be extra careful when using your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

How to Actually Set Up & Make Use Of Wifi Ezcast Dongle?

When I shopped Ezcasr dongle online, I acquired the wireless HDMI dongle alongside a 2-in-1 wifi USB cable and not to say a user-manual guide.

Honestly, the manual was not written so well and I have to research through Google to use it properly. So, in this article I have decided to articulate, how to actually set up & make use of wifi EZCast dongle. So, let’s check out:

All you have to employ the data card is a Television with HDMI port that’ll cater as external display for your PC, tablet or phone. You can even use monitor or projector with HDMI input. I believe your tablet or phone is WiFi-enabled. Next you have to download the Ezcast dongle app for your Ipad, android, or window PC.

EZCast Wifi EZ01 WiFi Display Dongle, Miracast Adapter HDMI, Ezcast TV Dongle,Miracast Dongle
After installation of the application on your gadget, plug in the data-card to your television through the HDMI port. Link the 2-in-1 WIFI USB cable to a USB power supply. This mechanically power ON the data-card. If not, “no signal” will be displayed on the television screen. Please ensure your USB power can supply more than 500mA.

As soon as it is powered on successfully, you will notice the EZCast main menu pops out & receive the welcome tune. Your EZcast SSID & password will be screened over the monitor as well.

Then activate the wifi over your gadget, look for accessible networks & link to the EZcast SSID in the accessible WiFI networks listing. Launch the EZCast application on your iphone, ipad, android or window PC. The EZCast application mechanically spots if the link to EZCast data card is appropriate and otherwise, the sign of disconnection will pop up. If it recognizes the connection, select it and put in the password displayed on the top of your TV monitor.

As soon as connection established successfully EZCast function activates and you can notice many handy features displayed on your gadget.

The photo function replicates your images in your gadget wirelessly to the monitor. Same applies to other functions when connected to Android gadget.

If you wish to see the videos and music on your iPad, I suggest you employ the Airplay mirroring feature through the Control center of your device rather than employing the EZCast music & video function. Those functions will require you to use iTunes to upload your files to the app folder.

Hope you find this article helpful and help you in a smooth operation of your EZCast dongle.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

EZCast Dongle or Chromecast Data Card- Which One is Better?

The EZCast is a screen mirroring device. It’ll mirror the content & sound from a monitor on a gadget to a monitor on a television. What’s displayed on the small monitor of your smartphone or tablet is “cast” to the big-screen on the Television. The content may be videos, images, documents or music. Except sounds the content display simultaneously demonstrates on the casting gadget. The wifi EZCast accomplishes its objective by performing as a remote router to which your computing gadget connects wirelessly. All content & processing demand, e.g., a connection to a Netflix account is accomplished via the computer. The device only casts the monitor. This could be either a pros or cons relying upon your circumstance. As the datacard is doing very little in the way of computer processing, it’s tolerant of anything the computing tool can deliver to it.

When it comes to Chromecast, the gadget joins your local network via your router. Apps need to be “Chromecast enabled” in order to play. The enabled apps list currently includes the major service providers including Netflix, Hulu+ and others. The list is growing. The number of video formats supported by the device is limited. Mp4 videos will play without problems. Other formats such as avi, xvid and mkv will need conversion. On a desktop computer playing is accomplished with the assistance of the Chrome web browser and an appropriate add-on. Other video formats can be played with a Chrome web app called Videostream. Videostream usually works well, but when it doesn’t, troubleshooting can be tricky. On mobile devices Chrome does not support add-ons but there are other apps, e.g., Realplayer, that are Chromecast enabled.

The setup of both dongles is fairly easy. However, the guide for the EZCast is pretty easier in comparison to chromecast. The necessary information will be displayed on the TV screen when the gadget is plugged in. The Chromecast must join the existing network. The user will need to enter the password for the network.

EZcast HDMI WiFi Display Dongle Receiver Adapter DLNA Miracast AirPlay Full HD 1080P Media Streaming

So we see that both gadgets have their good points and not so good points and what the end user intends to do with the gadget is very important. Personally, I believe that the installation of the Wifi EZ Cast dongle on my desktop Mac from which I cast videos to a TV not too far away is an improvement over the Chrome/ Videostream arrangement.

I would better recommend EZCast dongle if you are after better streaming experience on large TV monitor.

Wireless Sharing & Streaming Is Now Easy With Ezcast Dongle

For wireless sharing & streaming, there’re diverse dongles or adapters. They’re Miracast adapters, xcast adapters, DLNA adapters.

First there was wireless DLNA HDMI adapter, which’s the bridge amid project or HDTV and DLNA compatible gadgets. The DLNA compatible gadgets can be PC or smartphones with APP installed. A WiFi DLNA dongle can share & play wirelessly cross platforms but it can’t cast the monitor of smart gadget to large Television monitor.

Then there was Miracast WiFi display dongle, which is to cast the Android smartphone monitor to projector or HDTV wirelessly. The issue of Miracast is that it’s not cross-platform. It does not support iOS, Window but Android only. Even for supporting Android, it needs the smart gadget has Android 4.2 or above. The limitation is pretty clear.

Then there was Chromecast, a standard xcast adapter. It’s a great cross-platform HDMI dongle to cast media files to projector or HDTV. It’s easy to make use of and the cost is reasonable. Nonetheless, this adapter doesn’t support typical active protocols like Airplay and DLNA.

You must be wondering why not to develop a easy-to-use HDMI dongle that can cast the whole thing and support each protocol at even lesser cost.

Then there comes the Ezcast dongle, the ultimate wifi ezcast dongle that works cross platforms, devices of ios, Android, Windows and Mac OS and support Miracast, Airpay and DLNA!

Ezcast M2 V5ii WiFi Display iPush DLNA Airplay Support Linux Android iOS
Actually EZcast uses it own app that support multiple types of connection, not limiting to Miracast only. Other than Miracast, it supports DLNA, Airplay, Wifi Direct (WiDi) and screen mirroring.

One of the most important notes is the local streaming from your own devices (e.g tablet, smartphone, and laptop) to the TV. For the chromecast setup, both of your device and the dongle has to be in the same local network that bridged through a router. It doesn't support direct connection. EZcast comes handy in this context especially you are travelling and staying in hotel. Projecting it through the EZcast and EZmirror app is seamlessly easy and it's very smooth when you are changing the screen of your device to your TV .

EZCast M2 EZ Cast Miracast Airplay Dongle For Android IOS PC Mac Laptop Tablet

Buying Wifi EZcast Dongle is now much easier than ever before as a lot of service provider online offering great deals on such products. However, you need to find a genuine supplier in order to get the best possible deal. Do your research over online and look for forums sites where you can find genuine review about such products.