Friday, 17 February 2017

EZ Cast dongle – Upgraded For Superior Performance

For all smart devices to cast, EZ Cast dongle provides universal GUI, so that no matter iPad/iPhone users, Android device users, Windows PC users, or Mac PC users, everyone can use it easily.

The built-in EZCast is the utility/APP for all the smart devices to cast content wirelessly. Besides EZCast, the EZCast dongle also native support DLNA and Miracast as the solution is DLNA and Miracast certified respectively. Meanwhile it supports Airplay (EZAir). Total solution is the strong point over all other similar products.

EZCast also support on-the-air (OTA) upgrade for better performance.

Like so many modern computing experiences, wifi EZcast dongle is a great idea, implemented almost (but not quite) well enough to be used by mere mortals.

EZCast M2 EZ Cast Miracast Airplay Dongle For Android IOS PC Mac Laptop Tablet
The EZcast standard is designed for mirroring a display and streaming high-definition content (with 5.1 surround sound) between mobile devices and large displays.

In theory, you can wirelessly stream the display from a EZcast-enabled phone or tablet to a EZ-compcastatible receiver, such as a TV, with perfect fidelity. If the TV isn’t EZcast-ready, you can plug an adapter into a spare HDMI port.

After pairing the two devices, you can duplicate the display on your handheld device to a much larger screen, allowing you to wirelessly project a PowerPoint presentation to a conference room TV, watch a livestream in your living room, or cue up a music playlist for a party.

That’s the theory. In practice, based on my initial experience, I can tell you that EZcast is delightful when it works and maddening when something goes wrong.

Although the EZcast standard is relatively new, the technology behind it is well-tested, and there are an increasing number of compatible devices on the market. Popular adapters include the Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter, the Actiontec Screenbeam line, and Belkin's Miracast Video Adapter. EZcast support is also built into some TVs and Blu-ray players.

The bottom line

The promise of EZcast is the ability to connect any standards-compliant device to a EZcast receiver quickly and easily. In my testing, I found enough differences in device support to recommend caution before relying on EZcast.

You'll have best results with devices that are certified as compatible, including the entire Surface family and most high-end Android devices.

For my household, EZcast will be mostly an entertainment option, projecting YouTube videos and the occasional webcast to a larger screen. I would also recommend this setup for a corporate conference room or a classroom, where the EZcast adapter could be permanently attached to a large-screen display. As long as employees (or students and teachers) have compatible devices, this is the ideal way to deliver a PowerPoint presentation.

Basic Functionalities of EZ Cast Dongle

EZCast WiFi display dongle is the 1st Miracast (Wi-Fi Direct), DLNA and AirPlay universal adapter that supports Miracast, DLNA and AirPlay concurrently. With the all-in-one dongle users can easily cast/mirror the videos, photos, games and files from Android Smartphone/tablet PCs, iPad/iPhone,desktop PC/Notebook, to HDTV or projector through HDMI port wirelessly (Run EZCast for all users, or EZAir for iPhone/iPad users, or Miracast for Android phone/Android pad users), or push all the video, photo, and files to from the above mentioned devices to HDTV or projector (run DLNA)for entertainment or for business.

Mini Wifi EZCast Dongle M2, Miracast Dongle, EZCast Display Dongle

Basic features of Ezcast dongle:

• Multi OS support: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS
• Multiprotocol/standard support: Miracast, DLNA, AirPlay and private WiFi display technology.
• EZCast, for universal support
• Highly integrated Actions
• SoC
• Simple to operate
• Most compact, Power consumption
• Fast connection & low latency for superior experience
• H.264 1080P full HD video decode
• LPCM Audio Decode
• HDMI v1.3 video output
• HDCP 2.x
• Auto channel selection with high quality video streaming
• WiFi module support IEEE 801.11 b/g/n up to 150Mbps data rate with WiFi Direct capability
• Flexible power using TV standard USB port (5V/400mA) or external USB power supply.

Internet setting with Wifi EZ Cast:

Click on [Internet] to connect to your wireless AP/router for internet access.The EZCast WiFi display then works as an AP + repeater casting/mirroring/pushing online content or OTA ( O n-the-Air) firmware upgrading. This is the unique feature of EZCast dongle.

System Upgrade wifi EZ Cast:

Click [Upgrade] to upgrade EZCast firmware and AP/APK OTA (On the Air) online.Please make sure the internet connection and power supply is stable prior to upgrading.

Virtual Remote Control

To u s e the on-screen virtual wireless remote controller to change the move direction, and the center button [OK] is to confirm operation. Click [Back]to back to previous screen, or click [keyboard to enable virtual keyboard and input password.

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